Gustav Hellberg

Lösning [Solution] II

An emergency stop button is mounted on top of a pipe, placed in the middle of a glass pavilion. From loudspeakers the sound from outside the pavilion can be heard. Sound is transmitted live via a microphone directly outside the pavilion, through an amplifier and a timer switch. When the emergency stop button is pressed, the sound from outside the pavilion is turned off. After a couple of minutes the sound turns itself back on again, to be heard until the next time someone presses the emergency stop button.

Street View, Gothenburg 2010

Dimensions: 400 x 350 x 280 cm

Material: Glass, wood, emergency stop button, microphones, 4 channel audio mixer, active loudspeakers, timer switches

Location: Avenyn (the main shopping street) in Gothenburg during Mobile Art Proction's exhibition Street View

Produced with support from Mobile Art Production

Streetview, video documentation