Gustav Hellberg

Vardagsrum [Living room]


Ten living room lamps are placed out on the common grounds of the residential area Gävle Strand. One of the lamps is placed in the water of the canal, which is cutting through the site. Each lamp is fitted with a switch so the light can, separately, be turned on and off.

The work uses the living room floor lamp as an iconographic object to create an interchange between in- and outdoor living facilities as well as examining the history of domestic design with present notions of home environment.

The “lamps” are made of stainless steel with lampshades of polycarbonate sheets. The lampshades are printed with ten different William Morris patterns. Each lamp has its own, illuminated, pushbutton so that each lamp separately can be switched on and off.

William Morris patterns supplied by and © V&A Images/Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Video clip SVT [Swedish]