Gustav Hellberg

Collection parts to a story


The installation consists of visual parts of a story about who owns the air. A number of objects are ordered after a social geographic pattern, where a specific community’s economic and social structure can be read. Next to every tube-like object there’s a plate with a note of date, name, address and a measure of volume (maximum 2.5 litre). The names and the addresses are grouped in a social geographic pattern, where a specified community’s economical structure is recognizable from the location of the addresses and the social status of the inhabitants. People’s names and street names follow a structure, indicating residential segregation.
Dimensions: Each 'tube' 15 x 15 x 35 cm

Material: air valve, lacquer, plaster

Link: detailed images and other versions

Collection – parts to a story, Uppsala, was commissioned for Akademiska Sjukhuset (Hospital) in Uppsala, 1999