Gustav Hellberg


Shell is a series of objects where Hellberg is continuing the exploration of minimal design, the sculpture object and the maquette. Each object consists of a base, made of plaster, which mimics the topography of a landscape. Sticking up out of this landscape is a boxy minimalistic shape, made from wood with polished enamel coating. The base has white sides and grey-greenish top. The top object comes in black, white and silver, which today are the most common car colours. The shape of each Shell object’s base and top object are unique. The objects are individual but can be presented in groups of two or more.

The objects are deliberately designed to simultaneously be perceived as architecture maquettes, design or art objects – the latter two with generalised references to forms of minimalistic sculpture. Meaning and comprehension deviates, as does the apprehension of scale. The objects lend their shapes from bunker and SUV design. The surfaces are polished and glossy to emphasise an adoration of the surface of an object.