Gustav Hellberg

Amnesia the Eagle and the Rabbit



Gustav Hellberg visited Hopetoun four times over the project’s three-year lifespan with each visit providing him more information about the history, the land and its people. The final project was made of three main sections: a video film, a video installation and a collection of artefacts together with text material.


Work journal on IAS's website.


The video film explores the absence of knowledge and the unspoken histories of the Ravensthorpe region, its nature, and also the people who have been active on this land. 


Amnesia – the Eagle and the Rabbit


2-channel video installation, projection and monitor

HD1080p, video loop, 41:07 minutes

Clothes, flag, flashing beacons, samples, satellite dish

Dimensions variable


Score Tomoko Tanaka 

Videography John Carberry



Art Gallery of Western Australia

Exhibition Catalogue

Project Work Journal