Gustav Hellberg
Framtidsscanner Mk2, 3-channel , video loop, 02:04:30 HD1080p. Video clips with people from Varberg altered with local demographical and economical statistics and a section of visionary ideas of town re-modelings made by the two dutch architects Tom Bergevoet and Maarten van Tuijl.

Framtidsscanner – Varberg


In May 2016 forty-eight people from the city of Varberg, Sweden, where invited to tell their dreams about their and Varberg's future in front of a video camera. The result was displayed as 3-channel video installation in Varberg harbour. The project also produced a website and a facebook page, with project information. During the duration of the project the web site was open as a blog, for people to interact with. There was also a facebook group.

The idea of this project was to tap into people’s dreams about their future and the future of the society they are living in. Participating people where encouraged to try to explain any vision or dream, with no regards to its realisation potentials.

The project was part of the first Art Inside Out residency project: Culture’s Role in Urban Development

During the process of the project a group of newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers, livining in Varberg, joined the project. It was unexpected as well as unplanned. It proved to be the project's biggest asset. The project opened up and its discourse needed to be improvised, an improvisation which made the project come closer to an even more complex scenario, than was the initial project's scenario. And consequently the time frame for the project became insufficient, which the first installation in Varberg harbour was affected by. 

The real result of the project happened during its making. It was the real feat. The engagement of all people involved, including those who shared their dreams in front of a video camera, and all discussions and activities we carried out together should be regarded as the artworks core. As most of the discussions, workshops, interviews and production was made in public – the studio was open to the public and othjer events happend at the city's art centre as well as on public outdoor spaces – we should consider this project a performance rather than an installation project.


Framtidsscanner Website

Framtidsscanner Facebook page 

Framtidsscanner – Monumenta video tribute to the project's participators


The Installation

Material: 3-channel video installations, 3 shipping containers, paint HD1080p, video loop, 03:04:30

Dimensions variable