Gustav Hellberg

My Area

The project called My Area is based on posters designed to be placed on any wall within any public space, privately or publicly owned, stating a humble assertion of possession and a reflection on the space where the posters are displayed.

My area is a statement about one specific area over which an unusual ownership is declared - a subjective me is claiming that area. There are no offers or information but the childish claim for space.


My Area – Artnews Outdoor, Samara 2010
inkjet print
2.16 m²

My Area – The Hood Gallery, Los Angeles 2003
inkjet print on self adhesive film

My Area – Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art,
Antalya, Turkey 2003
inkjet print on plastic net-banner
12.25 m²

My Area – Mini Cooper 2003

Meine Fläche
– Palast der Republik, Berlin
(proposal for museum event in Berlin 2003-2004)
463.97 m²