Gustav Hellberg


Observe, 2008
wood and steel
105 x 254 x 300 cm
Lyngvig Lighthouse, West Jutland, Denmark

A superseded weather measuring station, a white wooden cabinet placed on a two metre high wooden stand. The cabinet used to contain different instruments for measuring e.g. temperature and air pressure, which was read (in this case by the lighthouse keeper at Lyngvig Fyr) and logged six times every day together with a visual record of the current weather situation.

The old weather station, at Lyngvig Fyr, was renovated together with a slight modification of the cabinet and had the addition of an observation platform. It now stands, somewhat displaced directly by the North Sea, as an outpost facing the elements, inviting people to take a good look at the current weather and landscape situation.

Observe – documentation photographs, 2008
9 colour photographs
45 x 35 cm (each photograph)
Ringkøbing Museum, West Jutland, Denmark