Gustav Hellberg

Framtidsscanner is a project that was made in collaboration with people from the City of Varberg. People where invited to tell their dreams about a future Varberg. The recordings where made during the Art Inside Out residency programme in May 2016. The final version of the work is installed as a three channel video in the shopping mall Gallerian Trädgården in Varberg, Sweden.

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XYZ consists of three illuminated bar graphs, which are positioned according to the axes of a three dimensional diagram. Each bar graph is connected to a sensor that controls the light sequence. The red light indicates temperature changes in the room. The blue light indicates humidity and the green light the levels of carbon dioxide in the air. The white light indicates each diagram’s electric power consumption.

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Ten living room lamps are placed out on the common grounds of the residential area Gävle Strand. One of the lamps is placed in the water of the canal, which is cutting through the site. Each lamp is fitted with a switch so the light can, separately, be turned on and off.

Video clip SVT [Swedish]

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In the artwork In Your Head we find ourselves in front of a door standing ajar. We can’t perceive the room behind the door. From behind the door we can hear a voice repeating the question: “Is it safe?”

Kalmar konstmuseum [Kalmar Art Museum], Kalmar, Sweden

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Collection – parts to a story, Uppsala, was commissioned for Akademiska Sjukhuset (Hospital) in Uppsala, 1999

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T,y ,s och t [T,y ,s and t]. The word tyst means quiet in Swedish.

Studentpalatset, Stockholm University.

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