Gustav Hellberg

Pulsing Path – Ambiguous Vision


Dimensions variable.
Existing lampposts, light controller and dimmer.
Location: The pedestrian area Paseo del Prado, between Plaza de Cánovas del Castillo and Fuente del Apollo in central Madrid.

Lampposts are controlled so that their light is dimmed in a cyclic order; the light slowly changes from light to darkness, from darkness to light.

Controlling the street-lamps along a street or lane means the light takes on a pulsing effect. The light is dimmed in a slow sequence, slowly disappearing and reappearing in an ongoing cycle. The oscillating light of the lampposts in Pulsing Path - ambiguous vision activates a park lane and gives it a behaviour separating it from ‘normal’ lanes. Its expression is transformed and becomes displaced, thus raising questions about states of normality, and the uncertainty surrounding human existence.

Madrid Abierto 2006