Gustav Hellberg

Collaborative Projects

Between 2016-23, I have been employed as a professor in the photography department at Chung-Ang University, South Korea. During this time, my artistic practice evolved from spatial and interactive installations to work with video and photography. Most artistic projects have been conducted in collaboration with various community groups. A consistent theme has been a contemplation of traces of human activities. My video projects align with a documentary tradition. I interview people and involve non-actors in portraying video films that revolve around the situations they find themselves in. Thoughts about the past and dreams about the future are recurring motifs. Simultaneously with my tenure as a professor, I began engaging in various forms of collaboration in the creative process. I invited people to participate in shaping the process, with interviews serving as the starting point. During the project's development, the interviewee(s) could become an active part of the creative process. It also naturally led to an examination of the teaching situation I found myself in. Pedagogy, relationship formations, and students' future aspirations are intriguing aspects to attempt to piece together. Additionally, my own reflections, shortcomings, and the collision of interests between practical artistry and teaching surfaced in my creative work.