Gustav Hellberg

Zone – Out of Vision III


Height approximately 7.5 metres. Each light square area is 4 x 4 metres.
Steel masts, profiler lights (light source), motion detectors.
Engineering by Konzept:werk

This public space art project is based on social and technical interactivity, investigating activity and non-activity in relation to area access, high lightening assumed conditions of doubt and fear in our society. Zone marks out a place where ones mobility restricts accessibility to light. Activity is disregarded as light goes out. In a poetic manner Zone creates an unusual situation where states of "normality" are contradicted.

Zone operates with the changing of an everyday situation, raising questions about truth and normality. It is a play with reality as we are used to. You enter the work as an observer or explorer, seeing abnormal configurations from aside or you will encounter a weird situation within the work. The latter is similar to chasing your own shadow.

Malmö konstmuseum