Gustav Hellberg

Things that Get in Our Way, Mk I | installation


Dimensions variable
Aluminum, Geiger counter, micro processor, LEDs, tripod, wooden crate

A polished aluminium sphere is mounted on a tripod. The sphere is divided by a slit, where a white light is erratically flashing. A sharp clicking sound accompanies each flash. This ‘instrument’ stands next to a wooden create, which is adorned with the greek letter γ (gamma). The crate is lined with a black foam material and straps are attached to its lid.

The light and clicking sound is connected to a geiger counter. A geiger counter is an electronic instrument used for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation.

This is the first version of Things that Get in Our Way, which was part of an outdoor art exhibition organised by Kunstpflug in Baitz. Artists were invited to exhibit an artwork in a container placed in fields surrounding the small village Baitz, in Brandenburg, Germany. During the exhibition period I made a performance where  the object was carried around by the artist, placing it at various places.

Installation shots, Erratiker, Kunstpflug, 2015

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