Gustav Hellberg

An Other Land, Orbital Dago, Bandung

In this follow-up program of the Bandung Photography Triennale, we are holding another contemporary photography exhibition with the theme An Other Land.

In this exhibition, the discourse offered to artists has a close connection between locus and memory. Both are personal, but at the same time communal. Various memories of a locus for each individual then meet and interlock with each other, in the end the network between these memories is very likely to be transformed into a collective memory.

The artists then elaborated the offer into their exploration and creative process by using photography as the basis for the medium and the various approaches they used. From these various backgrounds and approaches, the artists create visual images that are diverse but at the same time close together.
"The medium of photography which is very familiar with today's activities as an extension of memory, can be said to be a means of elaboration of how a relationship built by an individual with a locus can be realized personally. The available photographic technology facilities also become a wider experimental space. In this way , the possibility of each individual to build an ideal relationship between himself and his world greatly opens up the diversity of his visual transformations."

May 3, 2023

Dago Orbitals
JL. Rancakendal No. 7
Curator: Henrycus Napitsunargo
In-house curator Rifky 'Goro' Effendy

Aditya DP
Angga Aditya Atmadilaga
Ary Rustandi
Gustav Hellberg
Hemi Frawisandi
Kurnia Ngayuga Wibowo
Ravli Ferial Mohamad
Septian Hariyoga