Gustav Hellberg

Life is Good


Dimensions: 186 x 186 x 95 cm
Material: acrylic glass, enamel paint, flat-screen monitor, usb-stick with video, wood

The surface of Life is Good is glossy and sleek. Two identical parts are placed on top of each other, with the top part seemingly floating 12 cm above the bottom one. A monitor inside the bottom part shows clips from different reality-TV shows, such as Big Brother. The image is reflected and distorted by a mirrored cone, which is attached to the underside of the top part. Approaching the object you will here the characteristic sound of reality TV shows, voices of people quarrelling, making confessions and back talking other participants of the TV show, together with a flickering light that TV imagery produces.

Life is Good is a mixture of different electronic gadget designs. Together with clips from certain reality-TV shows this object is an amalgam of a well spread surface and object devotion blended with common consumerism attitude. The title Life is Good is adopted from a slogan from one of the biggest media manufacturers in the world. The logo signifies today’s culture of consumerism. It wants to tell us that good life is available if we posses certain products.