Gustav Hellberg

VIDEO | Relational Stratagem

single-channel video
HD1080p, video loop, 38:11 minutes

Protagonists: Youngjoo Sul and Gustav Hellberg
Camera: Hongseok Kang
Editing: Gustav Hellberg


Youngjoo Sul and Gustav Hellberg talk about relationships and collaborations. Youngjoo Sul is a student at Department of Photography, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, where Gustav Hellberg teaches. This video was part of their contribution the education and exhibition project Make–Experiments in Art Making.

Relational Strategem was recorded in Seoul on 15 and 16 August 2019. The dialogue was not scripted. A set of questions, drafted by Gustav Hellberg, had been read earlier by both protagonists.

Make–Experiments in Art Making is an exhibition exchange project between a selection of leading international universities. The project was initiated and founded by Gustav Hellberg in 2018. It is a project that is supposed to function as a platform for experiments in art education. One of the leading questions behind this project is to see if it is possible to combine art making with art teaching. Another endeavour will be to try to break hierarchical educational structures, a study in who is teaching and who is learning. The result of this research is to be exhibited in universities home cities and to be published as an annual anthology of essays in combination with documentation of the projects’ processes and resulting artworks.

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