Gustav Hellberg

Current Information – Open Vision


Dimensions variable
Ten floodlights, colour filters, photocell-sensors, light control unit
Engineering and programming by Viktor Hallonsten
Location: Front facade of Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg

Ten floodlights with colour filters are mounted at the top of Dunkers Kulturhus' front facade. The filters are coloured green, yellow and red, resembling the sound level gauge on, for example, a stereo. The building's facade floodlights are connected, via a light control unit, with sensors that register the number of visitors entering the building's main entrance and will thus function as a visitor gauge. Each visitor walking through the entrance will trigger the floodlights, a pulse sequence from green to red. A certain number of visitors will make the first light to stay turned on. The more visitors the more floodlights will be lit. By the end of each day the light status of Dunkers Kulturhus corresponds with the number of visitors, thereby making the public’s use of the building transparent and freely available.